Statement on our future

Since our re-establishment in September 2019, Radical Independence Dundee has sought to provide a home for radical politics in our fair city, combining street campaigning with open and wide-ranging political debate. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has meant we haven’t been able to spend as much time on the streets as we’d have liked to, we’re proud of our record in championing independence for Scotland and radical solutions to Dundee’s problems.

That is why we have decided, in spite of the recent contested RIC AGM, to continue on as we have for the past year-and-a-half. We encourage other Radical Independence groups to do the same, and for people to form new local groups wherever possible. We reach an open hand to all of those groups and hope we can collectively find a way to continue debating and co-operating with each other as we have in the past.

Another Dundee Is Possible.
Another Scotland Is Possible.


Radical Independence Dundee

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    • There’s likely to be a formal announcement very soon, all going well – “process” – but I’m delighted to see the city of my birth breaking cover. Mind you, that Tony Cox says Lochee isnae in Dundee! Whit does he know? It says it on ma birth certificate. We’ll no’ go intae that any further here…

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